Zuma Costs SA Taxpayers R500m


According to an analysis of the ministerial handbook, President Jacob Zuma could be costing the South African taxpayer more than R500m over five years.

Gareth van Onselen, the director of political analysis and development for the Democratic Alliance, publishes a personal blog called Inside Politics and it was here where he published the results of his analysis.

“At the very least, President Zuma will cost the South African taxpayer R517.7m over five years – an average of R103.5m per year,” van Onselen wrote in a recent post.

Van Onselen used the ministerial handbook to come to his estimate, one that he says is very conservative. This amount includes Zuma’s annual salary of R12.3m over five years, medical aid of R6.5m and an estimated cost of R77.59m for Zuma’s spouses.

As to why the spousal support figure is specifically stated to be an estimate, van Onselen said, “Significantly, the only way you can get information on the Spousal Unit is through parliamentary questions. There is no longer a standalone line item for it in the presidency’s annual report and no dedicated programme of action for it in the presidency’s strategic plan. It is money spent with no identifiable outcome attached to it. And for the last two years, its full costs are unknown.”

Other costs included in this figure were:

  • Zuma’s private vehicles – R3.7m
  • Flights for the VIP Squadron – R234.2m
  • Official Residence – R26m
  • Private Residences – R6.4m
  • VIP Protection – R60m

Van Onselen calculated these figures based on estimates from the time of Zuma taking office in May 2009 until the end of his term in April 2014.

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