Zille Not a Supporter of Job Seekers’ Grant


Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille said on Monday that a proposed job seekers’ grant will incentivise young people to remain jobless.

Zille’s concerns are shared by other groups, including the Black Business Council. According to them, a youth wage subsidy would be a better bet than a grant.

“It would provide yet another grant that would entrench unemployment and even potentially incentivise young people to stay out of work,” Zille said before adding that the youth wage subsidy was the only way to go.

Zille went on to say that it was of the utmost importance that initiatives be put in place to lower the cost of doing business and that inflexible labour laws be amended.

“This, coupled with the proposed youth wage subsidy, which incentivises the employment of unskilled young people, is the plan South Africa needs.”

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