Young Innovators Given a Haven With the YTIF


The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) is seeking to stimulate technology innovation in South Africa and there is no better way to do that than by approaching the youth. With this in mind, it has now launched its Youth Technology Innovation Fund (YTIF)

The YTIF hopes to target young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 who aren’t already being funded by the TIA process. It will provide young people with the resources to access cutting edge innovations and technologies that will help find the answers to some of South Africa’s problems, all while boosting the economy.

So far the YTIF have selected 13 projects to support, but new projects and proposals are being welcomed with open arms. Those who are successful in their bid to be a part of the fund would receive support funding and services, as well as intellectual property protection and hours upon hours of business coaching – almost everything required for them to be successful.

The TIA, which is a part of the Department of Science and Technology, has been pushing for the creation of the YTIF since December last year. TIA GM Dr Margaret Mkhosi said, “By creating such opportunities for our country’s future innovation leaders, the fund would be contributing to a brighter and more sustainable economic future for all South Africans.”

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