World Leaders Discuss Global Food Security

Currently there are almost one billion people around the world going hungry every day. With seven billion people on this planet that’s one in seven people. Due to numbers such as these, the concept of food security will be the main issue at the G8 summit being hosted by President Obama at Camp David this month.

The G8 summit is an annual event during which world leaders meet to discuss major global challenges, one of the biggest this year being food security. Days before the summit itself, a gathering of leaders such as President Obama, the leaders of various African nations and the leaders of international organisations, was organised to prepare the G8 agenda on the issue and discuss new tactics to advance agricultural development globally.

At the 2009 G8 Summit held in L’Aquila, Italy, the G8 collective made a declaration of taking all means necessary to ensure global food security and this year’s agenda indicates that they are determined to turn those ideas into real actions.

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