What is The Patterns

The Patterns is the space to discuss both serious issues and some frivolous ones, about what makes our world work.

The Patterns is an idea that evolved out of our many years of heated debates, conducting research into and writing public policy. Along the way we’ve also designed and implemented systems and technical solutions towards supporting social transformation. We’ve encountered many incredible people, attempting and sometimes succeeding, at creating innovative ideas and in the process gained insights into the bigger picture that ties together our evolving world.

And yet the world remains a mystery- fascinating and elusive.

There are many stories that need to be told, fantasies needing to find a home and insights to be shared. Sharing ideas is our tradition. We would like to share that tradition with you on Patterns.

The Patterns is also a place to link up with like-minded people and campaigns.  It’s a place for people to explore “truths” and find a way to reinforce their own commitment to our world.

Why “The Patterns”

Our world, our very cosmos is composed of interwoven patterns.

When we want to improve ourselves or our surroundings, we first need to understand the patterns which create our conditions and our context.  With this insight, we may be able to change or improve on the deficiencies of the current, inefficient patterns.  We may be able to alter course or expand on existing patterns by borrowing from other successful patterns. Patterns also exist within patterns as systems exist within systems.

Communities and people who are trapped in helplessness, are trapped by the patterns that they do not comprehend and can therefore not escape. They can be trapped in the mind, trapped in the spirit, trapped in the body and trapped in circumstance.

By recognising that patterns can be broken we can change our lives and our world. Revolutions are a prime example of patterns being broken.

We invite you to use this space to contribute your own views to this discussion.

Our Approach

Patterns is a place for sharing ideas, therefore we give them to you in their free flowing, natural state. These are informal relaxed conversations that allows the person we are having the conversation with, to express their perspective completely. Pattern’s conversations are generally 45 – 60 minute discussions.

We believe that in order to understand an issue, we have to go beyond the question and answer sound bite approach.  You can’t compile the bigger picture out of a few snap shots. We learn best when we sit down and engage, and that is what our conversations are about.

From these conversations we extract main themes and juxtapose  ideas presented in different conversations.  In this way we open up topics to in order to show a wider view of an issue.

The videos are available to be shared.

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