Viral rape video suspects await next court hearing / Quantitative Research Findings on Rape in South Africa


South African emotions peaked this as a video showing the rape of a 17-year-old girl went viral along with the first court appearance of the eight suspects tied to the alleged gang rape.

The preliminary hearing took place behind closed doors due to some of the suspects being under-age (the youngest being 14), while a group of women demonstrated outside the court, holding signs with the words “let them rot in jail” and “done with rapists”. The case has now been postponed until 25 April to allow for further investigations.

Included with these investigations, prosecutors would like a psychiatric evaluation of the victim as she is said to have the mental capacity of a five year old. If this evaluation finds her to be mentally unstable, it could mean more serious charges for the suspects with possible life imprisonment sentences. Among the charges faced, are those of creating and possessing child pornography since a video taken of the alleged gang rape spread via mobile networks and went viral on the internet.

The video, which became a trending topic on social networking site Twitter, allegedly shows the suspects laughing and joking during the alleged rape.  It continues for little more than 10 minutes and the girl can repeatedly be heard shouting: “You are forcing me”.  Authorities have since stated that anyone who has a copy of the video should delete it immediately or risk facing charges under South Africa’s sexual offences laws.

Quantitative Research Findings on Rape in South Africa 2000

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