Twitter Launches First TV Ad and Hashtag Pages Along With It

This weekend saw the launch of Twitter’s first TV advert, part of a campaign run in conjunction with NASCAR and shown during the Pocono 400 NASCAR race. The advert while appealing to NASCAR fans brought an exciting new avenue for marketers though as Twitter also used it to show off their new hashtag pages feature.

During one of the adverts, viewers are directed to view; a page dedicated to hashtag and included commentary from drivers and their crews and even behind the scenes photos. In essence, having an official page which will help fans find the key tweets quickly as opposed to having to sift through hundreds or thousands of search results.

While this is deeply exciting for those NASCAR fans on Twitter, it also creates a bigger picture that is equally exciting for marketers who will now see a whole new opportunity to advertise to their fans and target markets. Instead of simply purchasing sponsored hashtags or tweets, marketers will now be able to curate the entire experience for fans.

The idea of hashtag pages does bring some concerns with it, such as possibly confusing users in an already crowded market, but it also opens a new channel of communication between brands and their fans which could prove beneficial to everyone.

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