Trenton and Free Radical (a Conversation Lined Up)


We are really excited to be able to have a conversation with Trenton and Free Radical, a progressive thinking music outfit, which will take place next week just prior to the launch of their new album.

We think you’ll dig the music and love their message.

Trenton and Free Radical are launching their new album “Giant Step” on the 29th of March 2012, preorders available via iTunes.

With his feet firmly planted in African soil, Trenton Birch has a global musical sensibility. Having done his time in London developing the distinct sound and conscious lyrics of his reggae-infused Afro-beat band, Trenton and Free Radical, his return to Cape Town is a major score for the South African live music scene.

Birch believes there’s a revolution afoot. A tidal wave of changing attitudes; around the way people think about their world, their responsibility towards each other, the planet, and the type of music that’s being churned out.

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