Time Magazine and CNN Reinstate Fareed Zakaria After Review

Earlier this month journalist and author Fareed Zakaria was suspended from Time Magazine and CNN after admitting to lifting a passage in one of his columns from a New Yorker Article. After a review of his work, both Time and CNN have decided to reinstate Zakaria.

At the time, Zakaria apologised for his actions and called it a “terrible mistake”, Time and CNN still had to make a decision and for them, suspension pending a review was the right thing to do. Both reviews were recently completed and Time released the following statement:

“We have completed a thorough review of each of Fareed Zakaria’s columns for Time, and we are entirely satisfied that the language in question in his recent column was an unintentional error and an isolated incident for which he has apologized. We look forward to having Fareed’s thoughtful and important voice back in the magazine with his next column in the issue that comes out on September 7.”

Shortly afterwards, CNN released a similar statement and Zakaria’s show, Fareed Zakaria GPS will return to the network on August 26th.

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