Those Internet Companies Provide Great Services, But How Do They Make Money? [Infographic]

Thanks to a plethora of internet companies out there, we can do virtually anything online these days, often at no cost to ourselves. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube…these are just a few examples of the sites which provide many with their full online experience completely free. So how do they make money?

Many of these companies are somehow making a profit on seemingly free services and people often assume that it is through advertising and paid subscriptions that this is made possible. That isn’t always the case though.

Now, thanks to SEER Interactive and O3 World, you don’t have to wonder anymore. These two companies came together to create an interactive infographic which describes how some of the most popular internet companies earn their money, and it even tells you if they’re turning a profit or not.

You can view the interactive graphic on the SEER Interactive website here.