The World’s 10 Highest Paid DJs

Forbes’ is always bringing us up to date lists on who the highest paid celebrities are or who the most powerful women in the world are, this time though they’re keeping up with pop culture and the rising popularity of electronic dance music and they’ve let us know just who are the world’s 10 highest paid DJs.

Over the past year the top ten DJs listed have earned between $7 million and $22 million and it’s not hard to believe. The music has become a mainstream phenomenon and tickets for DJs like Skrillex or Deadmau5 can cost upwards of a hundred dollars apiece, and they’re certainly reaping the rewards of those ticket prices. Forbes pointed out that a DJ’s production costs are relatively low when compared to rock bands and pop stars meaning they get to take home more of those ticket sales.

The following list was created by Forbes by looking at recorded music sales, endorsements, merchandise sales and by sourcing Pollstar, RIAA, promoters, managers, lawyers and some of the artists themselves.

The List:

  1. Tiësto – $22 Million
  2. Skrillex – $15 Million
  3. Swedish House Mafia – $14 Million
  4. David Guetta – $13.5 Million
  5. Steve Aoki – $12 Million
  6. Deadmau5 – $11.5 Million
  7. DJ Pauly D – $11 Million
  8. Kaskade – $10 Million
  9. Afrojack – $9 Million
  10. Avicii – $7 Million

To view the list in full, visit Forbes site here.

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