The (US) Secret Service’s Not-So-Secret Alcohol Problem



Without the binge drinking—and possibly drugging—there would have been no prostitutes and no scandal. But risky boozing has a dark history in the service’s old boy’s club dating back at least to the Kennedy assassination.

Why does the sex always divert our attention from the alcohol that fuels a scandal?

Last Wednesday, in Cartagena, Columbia, 11 men in the Secret Service’s advance team, including snipers and explosives experts, not to mention two supervisors, spent a wild nightdrinking in a local bar, and then bringing as many as 21 (legal) prostitutes back to their hotel—the same hotel in which President Obama stayed upon his arrival a day later.

While out on the town, they visited various clubs, including one called the Pleyclub, where one group of them bought two bottles of Absolutvodka for the table, and where some were said to openly boast about being members of the president’s security detail. According to some accounts, they were armed and partying.

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