The Story of Jimi Hendrix Told Through His Brother

Leon Hendrix, younger brother of renowned musician, Jimi Hendrix, recently published his book, Jimi Hendrix: A Brother’s Story. In the book Leon tells of the once shy child who would grow into the man who could coax sounds from an electric guitar that no one else would ever dream of.

Leon, an artist in his own right with his band, ‘The Leon Hendrix Band’, was involved in a legal battle with his stepsister over the Hendrix estate for many years. In 2011, a ruling finally gave him the rights to his brother’s name and likeness.

Throughout the biography, Leon shares stories of his brother that no one else has. For the first time, fans are able to read about Jimi’s love for Flash Gordon, aliens and UFOs. According to Leon, if anyone wants proof of aliens, a good read of Jimi’s lyrics would be more than enough.

Leon also delves into Jimi’s early love of music and the lengths he would go to to pursue his passion. One such story was of a time when Jimi didn’t have an amp for his guitar. His solution? Jimi took an old record player and rewired it so the speakers would produce sound.

The most touching tales of Jimi’s life however, may be those of when he was a child. Leon recalls how introverted Jimi Hendrix was as a child, a fact that many who saw him on stage would find hard to believe.

It’s not often that people are offered such an intimate view into the life of one such as Jimi Hendrix and Leon hopes to do so in such a way as to add to legacy of Jimi and to keep his memory alive and strong as long as possible.

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