The Man Behind the Plastic Mask

Darth Vader

In 1977 when a Star Wars: A New Hope was released, most people came to recognise Darth Vader by the unmistakable voice of James Earl Jones and assumed he was the face behind the mask. These days though, any fan worth their salt knows that the man in the suit was in fact, bodybuilder David Prowse.

David Prowse has become a fan favourite at sci-fi conventions around the world, being swamped by thousands of fans to sign autographs. While he may have painted an imposing picture as a master of the dark side, the six-foot-seven actor is one of the nicest guys out there as can be seen in a recent interview with Rock Cellar Magazine.

In the interview Prowse talks about how the job he did 35 years ago has allowed him to travel all over the world and meet fans who carry so much love for that job. Besides talking about Star Wars and his memories from the filming of the original trilogy and all those involved with it, Prowse also talks about his transition from bodybuilding to acting as well as some of his other acting credits through the years, including his performance as Frankenstein’s monster in Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell.

View the full interview and learn some things about Star Wars you might not have known over at Rock Cellar Magazine.

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