The Fifteen Year Old Wall Street Book You Should Be Reading

As the economic crisis is gaining momentum around the world, many people are beginning to question the role of our financial markets. Back in 1997, people couldn’t fathom the possibility of anything going wrong. Doug Henwood did though through his book, Wall Street.

When Henwood’s book was published 15 years ago, it served as an overview of the financial markets and their role in society. What may be the most interesting part of the book are not his explanations of how it all works though, but rather his criticisms of the financial system, many of which have come into play since the economic crisis hit the world.

Henwood now works as an editor on a newsletter called the Left Business Observer and hosts a weekly radio show, but that doesn’t mean he has left Wall Street behind. The book only received one round of printing when it was published but people are still able to download it directly from Henwood with absolutely no charge, merely an optional donation.

Wall Street may be seen as dated in some areas but much of what the book covers hasn’t changed and many of the problems Henwood pointed out still stand true today.

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