Teachers Make Their Voice Heard in U.S. Education Debate

In American society some teachers, such as Cathlyn Dossetti from California, feel that there is a commonly held view that teachers are not real professionals. In her opinion, society seems to believe the old idiom “those who can, do; those who cannot, teach.”

It is because of this opinion that teachers are trying to prove to the nation that they have valid thoughts and ideas on education reform through a joint report by Scholastic and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:  Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on the Teaching Profession.

This report is the fruit of the latest Primary Sources study. Over 10, 000 teachers across the United States were asked their opinion on the state of their schools, classrooms and profession.

Teachers are on the forefront of the education battle everyday – they spend most of their time with the children most impacted by education reform. However, they have very little to say and do with how to solve the American school system problems.

Lawmakers have tried to aid the system with national reforms and new policies, they make these decisions and develop strategies to be passed down to teachers. These teachers will have to implement these strategies without having a chance to share their understanding or opinion of the problems faced.

With the classroom at the core of education policies, teachers feel they can be a powerful asset to the necessary reform to improve teaching and the American education system as a whole. All they want is the opportunity and through this study, they’ve been given one.

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