Syria Peace Plan Failure Leads to Kofi Annan Resignation

Kofi Annan

In February, Kofi Annan was elected as the international envoy to Syria to try and help end the civil war and bring peace to the country. After months of frustration and the violence in Syria only escalating, Annan has announced that he would not be renewing his mandate when it expires on the 31st of August.

The on-going conflict in Syria isn’t the only thing to have held back Annan’s attempts however. Within the U.N. itself there has been disagreement hindering peace efforts, namely between Russia and China and the rest of the U.N., with the latter supporting tougher sanctions against the regime of Bashar Assad.

Annan complained of the “finger pointing and name calling” within the Security Council, but went on to say that it’s possible that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon could find someone else to fill the position “who can do a better job than me.”

In a statement released today, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed regret over Annan’s news:
“Tragically, the spiral of violence in Syria is continuing. The hand extended to turn away from violence in favour of dialogue and diplomacy — as spelled out in the six-point plan — has not been not taken, even though it still remains the best hope for the people of Syria. Both the Government and the opposition forces continue to demonstrate their determination to rely on ever-increasing violence. In addition, the persistent divisions within the Security Council have themselves become an obstacle to diplomacy, making the work of any mediator vastly more difficult.”

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