Supporting Entrepreneurs and Creating 1 Million Jobs


The Adventure Project is an alternative funding organisation which hopes to create one million jobs over the next ten years by supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The non-profit organisation was founded in 2010 by Jody Landers and Becky Straw, two women who met in Liberia and bonded over their mutual passion for aiding developing countries. “We wanted to make it accessible for anyone to create jobs in developing countries and see their impact,” Straw says.

The Adventure Project focuses on providing funding to entrepreneurs engaging in initiatives that will not only benefit themselves, but also their community. This funding has primarily been raised through word of mouth and online, but that has proven to be enough so far as the project is receiving donations from all over the world and has funded many entrepreneurs from Haiti to India, Kenya and Uganda.

Straw says that the next step for the Adventure Project is to grow much bigger than it currently is to start meeting their one million jobs goal. They currently help create 100 new jobs per month all over the world and they want to start building on that pace. In the long run though, Straw and Landers are just happy to be moving forward.

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