Stats SA: Vulnerability to Hunger Decreases

Food Agriculture

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) released the General Household Survey series report on food security and agriculture 2002 to 2011 this past week and one of the most important factors it notes is that South African households’ vulnerability to hunger has declined in the past 10 years from 23.8% to 11.5%.

While these numbers are encouraging, the figure is still higher than the low of 10.5% recorded in 2007 and 21.1% of households still have difficulty accessing food. The report pinpoints the North West and Northern Cape provinces as real problem areas in this regard with 32.9% and 29.7% respectively.

The report confirmed that those households receiving social grants are less likely to have inadequate access to food, but a shockingly high number of households, 44.8%, are poor enough to qualify for and receive social grants.

South Africa has been meeting its national food requirements in recent years but the large amount of poverty rampant throughout the country means that many households do not enjoy food security or adequate access to food.

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