SoundCloud Partners with Getty Images Music Allowing Users to Offer Tracks for Commercial Licensing

Music and general sound sharing service SoundCloud have partnered with Getty Images to offer their 20 million users the opportunity to offer tracks for commercial licensing.

SoundCloud’s user base is made up of a variety of musicians, songwriters and other sound creators who will now have a way to monetise their creations through the platform. This partnership will also give “media, advertisers, designers and creative” another avenue to license material, particularly fresh material.

Any users wishing to license their material now simply have to add a license button from Getty Images Music to their creations which will then allow any interested parties to request a license for those tracks. Getty Images Music says that for a track that has not been licensed previously, the process should take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks due to the paperwork involved.

While the users will clearly gain from this venture, and Getty Images will take a percentage from each license sold, SoundCloud won’t be gaining from it financially at all. All in all, it simply seems as though SoundCloud has used this partnership to add another feature for their users and to draw more people to their service.

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