Social Media in a Time of Social Movement – Live Streaming

Alex van Tonder will be addressing young activists from Ndifuna Ukwazi and its partner organisations on the topic of how social media can be used by the NGO sector to more effectively communicate the work that they do. We will be looking at different social media fora like Facebook, twitter and YouTube, as well as new fora such as pinterest, in order to discuss how best to utilize these free tools, and how each can be used together in order to compile an effective social media strategy.

The talk is hosted by Ndifuna Ukwazi a recently established not-for-profit Trust based in South Africa (SA). NU aims to build and support social justice organisations and leaders. It was formed in response to the need to foster, develop and provide appropriate mentorship and support to local organisations and young leaders who are pursuing various social justice struggles in SA and are thereby attempting to hold government at all levels accountable (and including the private sector)

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