Residents Unhappy With Gauteng Services According to Study


A recent study has shown that at least a fifth of all Gauteng residents are dissatisfied with electricity, water and other services.

According to Premier Nomvulu Mokonyane, in a study conducted by the Universities of Johannesburg and Witwatersrand in collaboration with the Gauteng provincial and local governments, at least 20% of residents expressed dissatisfaction with the services provided by provincial government.

Mokonyane added that in a 2011 – 2012 survey of nearly 17000 Gauteng residents, the quality of life in the province had risen from 6, 24 to 6, 25 over the past two years. This figure is on a scale of one to ten.

According to Mokonyane, the spending patterns in Gauteng is a matter of great concern and she believes that this latest study revealed “a feeling of alienation and mistrust of politicians was high”

The full study will be released later this month.

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