O’Reilly Where Conference 2012 #whereconf

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Now in its eighth year, Where Conference: The Art and Business of Location, is where the grassroots and leading-edge developers building location-aware technology intersect with the businesses and entrepreneurs seeking out location apps, platforms, and hardware to gain a competitive edge. In the O’Reilly conference tradition, Where Conference presents leading trends rather than chasing them.

Where is business: where people live, where they go, and where, when, and how they spend their money are now key factors in business success. From product development to distribution, marketing, and sales, location technologies help companies identify, understand, and serve their markets far more effectively than ever before. There’s no better place to meet the people behind the mashups, the people behind the platforms, and the people looking ahead to where location awareness will take us. Join us at Where to debate and discuss what’s viable now, and what’s lurking just below the radar.


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