Once the Sun Goes Down, Junk Food Comes Out to Play


The world may be made up of different countries, cultures and religions, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all completely different. Data collected from mobile startup, Massive Health, indicates that people around the world certainly share one similarity – daily eating habits and their decline from good to bad.

The data was collected from Massive Health’s iPhone app, Eatery. Eatery allows users to record, rate and track the healthiness of their meals over time. Images released by the company, which reflect ratings from users in 50 countries over a period of 5 months, show how most people enjoy healthy breakfasts with a decline throughout the day up to the midnight snack period which is dominated by unhealthy junk foods.

Massive Health founder, Aza Raskin, says that while the data doesn’t explain why we eat worse as the day goes on, the decrease in healthiness is consistent around the world and “teaches us something fundamental about the way people make decisions about food.”

Evidence suggests that part of the reason why may be the lack of healthy food options available late at night or that we simply ‘use up’ our willpower throughout the day making it that much harder to resist the temptation of snacking. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough concrete proof to indicate exactly what the problem is.

Whatever the reason, one thing this data does indicate is that maybe we should be getting to sleep earlier and avoiding that late night snack – even if it’s simply to keep your own graph looking good.

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