Old Mutual Entrepreneurs Guide


The Old Mutual Entrepreneurs Guide is the accumulated wisdom of many of South Africa’s leading entrepreneurs. Their enthusiasm and willingness to simply give away hard-won knowledge and experience bears testament to their generosity of spirit and commitment to helping others succeed. A uniquely South African affliction which we hope becomes contagious.

Browse through the extensive written and video contributions from a diverse range of topics. Register to create your own profile, make contributions, tag content through social media and even vote on your favourite contributions. Plus, you can follow relevant topics and keep updated on the latest contributions.

A unique feature of the guide is the collection of topic-related Cogs, designed to help you apply new learnings to your business. A cog is a collection of questions around a major business topic. Using the Cognician app, it helps to structure your thinking and guides you to create practical solutions to your business challenges. Using a cog is like having a conversation with an entrepreneurial expert or having your own personal business mentor. The service is free, but you need to register on the site to apply a cog to your own business context.

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