Obama the Socialist?


The upcoming 2012 Presidential Election in the United States is approaching quickly and soon we’ll get a taste of what the hot issue will be during campaign season. In an in-depth article, Rock Cellar Magazine approaches one of these potential issues: Is Obama a socialist or not?

The article looks at the two opposing views of the issue through writers Julia Gorin and Ed Rampell.

The Pros

Gorin, who was born in the USSR, takes the pro point of view in the article. In her opinion, Obama is a socialist and she supports her point of view with examples such as Obama’s campaign slogan, “Forward”, which was an old Socialist slogan. Other examples include:

  • The White House “nudging artists to produce works supporting the Obama Administration’s legislative priorities.” Gorin states that this is very reminiscent of the USSR where the media supported the government vision.
  • According to Gorin, upon Obama’s election there were plans for a national holiday in “His honor”. Again something very similar to countries like Cuba, North Korea, China and the USSR.
  • Gorin claims that Obama’s mother is “rabidly” anti-American and he was raised in part by Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky, both referred to by Gorin as his “communist mentors.”
  • Professor John C. Drew, an old acquaintance of Obama from his days at college, stated that he had known Obama as a Marxist socialist who wanted to bring about a socialist economic system in the U.S.
  • Obama’s move to sign an anti-gun UN treaty, a move which Gorin likens to Adolf Hitler’s 1938 German Weapons Act.

The Cons

Rampell, known for his books on film and the history of Hollywood, take the opposing point of view. Rampell points out that if Obama were just another middle-aged white president, he would be seen as just another run of the mill Democrat pushing middle-of-the-road policies. He puts forward a few points to back up his position:

  • Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate. Biden has a record of curious decisions during his time in senate including his vote for Bush attacking Iraq and voting for a 2005 law making it harder for people to declare bankruptcy. Rampell believes that no socialist would choose someone like Biden to be their vice-president.
  • While the government bailed out the banks, financiers, brokerage firms etc, the common people were facing bankruptcy and unemployment on a massive scale, something which no socialist would have stood for. Rampell states that if Obama were a socialist he would have pushed for a radical redistribution of wealth during this time to abolish the income inequality and provide employment.
  • Some socialists would rather not be associated with Obama at all. Cornel West, a renowned academic and a member of Democratic Socialists of America has even called Obama “the Black puppet of Wall Street.”

Judging by these two writers’s opposing viewpoints alone; this is a topic that should generate a heated discussion in the lead up to the Presidential Election in November.

The full article is available here: “Is Obama a Socialist or Not?”

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