MRC Study: Most Women ‘Killed By Partners’

A Medical Research Council (MRC) study has found that most murdered South African women are killed by their husbands, boyfriends or same sex partners.

MRC gender and health researcher Naeemah Abrahams said, “In South Africa every one to two women killed are killed by her partner.”

The study looked at data from the past ten years and indicated an overall decrease in female homicides; however, intimate femicide has become the leading cause. Rape homicides had also increased proportionately.

Police data indicates that homicides overall had decreased in South Africa in the past decade so researchers were not surprised to see the same decrease in female homicides. However, the same decrease should have been seen in rape homicides as well.

“This tells us that we do not do a great job against feminine violence,” Abrahams said.

There is some good news along with the overall decrease though. There was also a significant decrease in the number of female homicides related to the use of firearms; a fact which Abrahams says is strong evidence that South Africa’s firearm control legislation might be having a positive impact.

“It provides irrefutable evidence that stricter gun laws save lives,” said Storey.

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