Mexico Making Progress in Fight Against Drug Cartels

In 2009, Mexico identified 37 criminals as their most-wanted, many of them crime bosses. Since then, about two-thirds of those 37 have been killed or jailed according to Mexico’s interior minister, Alejandro Poire, helping the country make progress in its fight against the powerful drug cartels.

Poire said during a U.N. conference on cross-border crime, “I think that is an indication that the top level of these organisations is no longer capable of doing what it was capable of doing only three years ago.”

The latest of the crime bosses being dealt with was Heriberto Lazcano, the leader of the Zetas gang, who was killed earlier this month. The Zetas are considered to be one of the worst of the drug cartels in Mexico and has been responsible for nearly 60,000 people during President Felipe Calderon’s six-year term.

Poire was asked whether Mexico was winning this fight, to which he responded, “I would say we are making progress. I would say we are systematically weakening the criminal organisations.”

Mexico’s homicide rate has fallen by 7 percent when compared with the same 2011 period.

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