Making the World a Better Place by Downloading Music

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Charitable giving is all the rage online. People are able to donate to a cause they believe in without having to leave the comfort of their own desk. FairShareMusic has made it even easier – and people get something they enjoy out of it too.

FairShareMusic is a London-based online store which offers a vast catalogue of songs for download. That doesn’t sound like anything spectacular until you see that they donate half of its net profits to charities around the world.

The service currently has over 18 million tracks for customers to choose from and it integrates with your current music libraries seamlessly and with no need for any extra software. It’s as simple as picking the songs you want, picking the charities you want to donate to and completing the purchase. At least 4% of each track’s price will end up being donated to charity and provides great incentive for people to rather obtain a song legally than through piracy.

FairShareMusic was founded by Lee Cannon and Johnny Wolf in 2010 and has seen steady growth since then. According to Cannon, 98% of registrations go on to purchase and 62% of registered customers purchase more than once. “Our average basket size is almost double the UK average at £7.20,” Cannon says.

FairShareMusic is currently optimising the store for mobile and are looking to release apps for both Android and Blackberry.

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