Leaked Documents Shed Light on Mitt Romney’s Finances


Documents about presumptive Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney and his financial affairs where obtained and posted by Gawker this week, and while they may not reveal anything obviously untoward, they could make life difficult for the candidate.

The documents show that Romney is invested in companies with questionable relationships. Romney has an indirect stake in Sankaty High Yiel Partners II LP, which has loaned money to a variety of questionable companies including Las Vegas Sands Corp. which is currently facing multiple Justice Department inquiries. These include possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the failure to report millions of dollars of possibly laundered money which was transferred to its casinos.

Sheldon Adelson, who owns the corporation, is one of biggest donors for the Republican Party having spent upwards of $40 million to ‘oust’ President Obama and the Democrat party and swearing to spend almost anything to achieve this goal.

While many have dismissed the information contained in the documents because they don’t contain anything earth shattering, Romney is sure to be displeased with their release. His financial affairs have been under scrutiny recently and he has faced accusations of holding some of his money in offshore tax havens and some of these documents seem to support these accusations.

In an unexpected twist, Romney’s image as a clean-living Mormon could also be tarnished. His indirect investments through Sankaty are in the previously mentioned Las Vegas Sands Corp and other gambling related companies and a cigarette company. The Mormon Church is opposed to all forms of gambling and promotes abstinence from tobacco and cigarettes.

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