Human Rights Day & The 1960 The Sharpeville Massacre


The 21st of March is a public holiday in South Africa, Human Right Day.

For many South Africans, the day will always remain Sharpeville Day, a commemoration of the 21 March 1960 Sharpeville massacre, when the police mowed down 69 unarmed people and injured 180 others who refused to carry the hated “dompas” identity document that was meant only for indigenous Africans. On the same day, police also shot and killed three protesters in Kwa-Langa in Cape Town and injured many others.

52 years later and democracy has come to South Africa. Yet despite the many successes delivered to the South African people, on this Human Rights day, there are still communities in South Africa that feel the need to take to the streets and protest against their government because they don’t believe their socioeconomic rights as enshrined in the South African constitution are being realised. There were protests at the following locations:

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.
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