Grandmothers Could Lose Foster-Child Grants

High Court

A recent ruling in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg means that more than 300, 000 grandmothers caring for orphaned children could lose their foster-child grants.

Judge Halima Salduker ruled that biological parents, adoptive parents – including grandparents – grandparents and adult siblings have a legal obligation to support the children in their care. Currently the foster-child grant is an amount of R770 available under the Children’s Act for abandoned or orphaned children, however, should this ruling be enforced, many grandmothers will have to rely on the separate R280 child-support grant.

This judgement came as the result of an appeal by the Centre for Child Law at the University of Pretoria against a ruling by the Krugersdorp Children’s Court after a great-aunt caring for a young boy was refused the child support grant.

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