Government Budgets: Education vs Military Spending (Graphic)


At a time when cutbacks are being made across the world in order to cut countries deficits and attempt to stop the world slipping back further into recession, there is the concern about how countries actually spend their money. How do they decide what sectors receive the most money? Each country decides what is important in relation to its size, population of the country, the age of those residing in the country and on the political involvements of the country. You would like to think that your country would spend more on health and education than the likes of warfare, and while some countries do, others place warfare spending above that of spending on health and education.

Looking at figures provided by Visual Economics on education, the USA spends 17.1 percent of its GDP on education, compared to 19.3 percent of their GDP on health and military – in fact, America’s military spend is bigger than Spain’s entire federal budget. Yet, America’s spend on healthcare is the most that any country around the world spends. While if you move across to the UK, spending on education is at 11.5 percent, health is on 16.3 percent, while military spending lags behind on 6.3 percent.

In a complete comparison to the UK though, the UAE spend 45.7 percent on military, compared to only 8.7 percent on health, but they spend more on education than the UK and USA does.

If you turn your attention to Japan, despite the fact it only spends 10.5 percent on its education, compared to America’s 17.1 percent, Japan still has a significantly higher national IQ than America with a 98 percent to 105 percent average. While Japan is already rivalling America, China is looking to rival the UK in terms of education, according to an article that appeared on the Guardian Online last year. It’s believed that in 25 years time, China Univeristies could rival the likes of Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League. The government is now spending billions of yuan – at least 1.5 percent of its GDP on higher education to increase its standing in the rankings of the universities of the world

Looking around the world, Thailand, (28.3 percent), Morocco (26.4 percent) and Mexico (24.3 percent) spend the most on education. While when it comes to military, it is the UAE that spends the most, no country comes even near it.

Yet, despite the fact Morocco spends so much on education; it only spends 4.8 percent of its GDP on health. But then Pakistan only spends 1.3 percent of its GDP on health. Around the world, spending on health appears to be quite evenly matched, with most countries over varying a few percent.

If you look at the military expenditure by major countries, it’s America which comes out having spent the most with $663.2 billion. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, world military expenditure in 2009 is estimated to have reached $1.531 trillion in current dollars, which represents a six percent increase in real terms since 2008 and a 49 percent increase since 2000.

Despite health spending around the world not varying dramatically, the spending on education and warfare varies significantly around the world. As countries continue to right themselves after the situations they have got themselves into during the depression, it makes you question whether their spending habits are really as they should be. Are they making the cuts in the right places, or are they continuing to get themselves further into a mess than they are already in?

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