Gordhan: South Africans Need to Work Together and Act on Corruption


At the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit in Johannesburg on Thursday, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan made his views on corruption clear by calling it a disease and said that South Africans need to work together to combat a culture of greed and corruption.

Gordhan said that everyone in South Africa, the leadership and its people, had to come together to fight the underlying factors that influenced corruption such as greed and selfishness.

“If we don’t do that we give in to culture that says ‘I want everything now. I want to be a millionaire now… I want the best car even if I can’t afford it’. We are creating a wrong type of culture.”

He went on to add that the South African leadership needed to learn to talk more instead of “shouting at each other in the public space” and that the country needs to remember that the ANC’s national conference in Mangaung is just a normal political contest and part of democracy, not something that should be “over-hyped”.

“It will have its own South African character, it will have its own South African noises, but at the end of the day it is a political contest. That’s what democracy is about.”

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