Google Reveals a Glimpse into their Data Centers

Very little is known about what goes on behind Google’s cloud and into their data centers which houses so much of our every-day data. On Wednesday, they opened up the doors to the world and let them have a look at their facilities around the world.

Google launched this site on their data centers which reveals photos of their facilities in locations as far flung as Belgium and Finland, as well as information on how they keep the data safe and secure. Along with the launch of the site, they also released a guided Street View tour of one of their data centers in Lenoir, North Carolina.

The Lenoir center is the same one which will be featured in Wired magazine’s November issue after senior writer Steven Levy was given an exclusive tour of the facility. Levy said that the most striking thing about the facility is the scale of everything. At Lenoir alone, Google has 49,923 servers.

Levy explained that even though he saw specific technology at the Lenoir center, it’s likely to differ elsewhere as Google takes into account the local resources and geography when designing each center.

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