Fairy Tales for 20-Somethings in the 21st Century

Those in their 20s grew up knowing fairy tales all too well, mostly thanks to Disney. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are just two examples of these beloved characters from our childhood, and have even become a part of our adulthood thanks to various fairy-tale orientated television shows and movies. Now, they’re becoming a part of our online world too.

Tim Manley, a 27 year old high school teacher in New York City, has created a Tumblr site called “Fairy Tales for 20-Somethings” where he reimagines the stories of these aged characters in the voice of a 20-something. Some of the stories he’s satirised are Snow White, who dreams of Ryan Gosling; Rumpelstiltskin, who starts wanting kids of his own and Thumbelina, who gets her own reality show.

Manley says that as a child, fairy tales helped him make sense of the world so it seemed logical to him to use them to make sense of life in the 20s. As an added bonus, they’re pretty fun to write as well.

Fairy Tales for 20-Somethings Tumblr.

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