Egyptian Elections: Runoff Needed as Islamist Comes Out On Top

The Egyptian election commission released the full official results on Monday which indicate a runoff vote between the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Morsi, and the last prime minister to serve under Hosni Mubarak, Ahmed Shafiq.

During a news conference, commission chief Farouq Sultan said that Morsi and Shafiq were the top two finishers during the first round of voting held last week with 5.76 million votes and 5.5 million votes respectively.

These results are unlikely to go down well with many Egyptians as they may feel their revolution to oust Mubarak was for nought. Despite this, the people are growing tired of the insecurity felt in the nation and it’s possible that Shafiq’s promises to restore stability during his campaign are being taken seriously by the people. While Shafiq was a part of the old regime that people were so unhappy with, people seem to feel that he is in a better position to deliver on these promises than the other candidates.

Sultan went on to say that his commission had received seven appeals over the results, all of which were rejected. Four were dismissed due to them having no legal basis, while the other three were submitted after the deadline and were not valid.

These results set the stage for a fierce runoff and both men are already reaching out to those who didn’t support them during the first round of voting. The runoff vote will take place from June 16-17.

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