Ebola Outbreak in Uganda Claims 16 Lives


In a small village of Uganda called Nyanswiga, residents faced a strange disease that was killing their own. At the end of July, it was confirmed that it was Ebola. Since then, the disease has spread to Kibaale and tension is high in the country as the death toll reaches 16 with 176 others being monitored for symptoms.

More reports have emerged from the country that the highly infectious disease is now present in the capital, Kampala, and the panic amongst residents are rising every day. Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s president, has cautioned people to avoid physical contact.

“I therefore appeal to you to be vigilant, avoid shaking hands; do not take on burying somebody who has died from symptoms which look like Ebola instead call the health workers to be the ones to do it and avoid promiscuity because these sicknesses can also go through sex,” said Museveni.

The World Health Organisation has sent in their own experts and announced that the outbreak can be contained and are urging countries not to issue traveller trade restrictions to Uganda. Along with WHO, the American Center for Disease Control has also dispatched their own team of experts to aid the Ugandan ministry of health in bringing the outbreak under control.

Currently there is no vaccine available for Ebola and it is of the utmost importance that those infected not only be kept isolated, but are also given intensive supportive care as their bodies are in constant need of intravenous fluids.

The last outbreak in Uganda was in 2011 but the country was hit hardest by the disease in 2000 when it claimed the lives of 224 people.

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