Donors Choose Proves the Power of Crowd Funding

Classrooms around the world face a daily shortage of resources and teachers struggle with a lack of funding. One such teacher was Charles Best and to combat the problem he created Donors Choose.

Donor Roots is an educational charity which allows people to donate money to fund classroom projects and materials. On the website,, these users simply need to select a classroom project or materials list from a varied database and then choose the amount they would like to donate contributing to the maximum funding limit each project has. Once this funding limit is reached, Donors Choose will then buy the required materials and sends it directly to the specific classroom.

Donors Choose has been going since 2003, having raised over $116 million and helped over 6 million children all over the United States. Because donors are able to see where their funds are going, the organisation has grown immensely and attracted the attention of celebrities such as Stephen Colbert and Oprah Winfrey, the latter of which invited Best on to her show.

Now, Best would like to focus on how he can help the school system as a whole by allowing for public scrutiny of the charity’s data. He says that if they can take the data generated by their site, and the good it’s doing, they could change the system itself.

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