Curbing Entrepreneurship Hunger with The Lean Start-Up

Many great entrepreneurs are where they are today because of where they’ve failed in the past. Eric Ries is no exception. While he sounds like the average Silicon Valley entrepreneur, he is the man behind a movement, The Lean Start-Up movement.

His first Silicon Valley start-up was an expensive lesson in failure. He said that looking for a tech solution to a human problem takes the human element out of a business.  It was then that he did what many people would have done, “I thought I would read a book on the topic.” Problem was that it didn’t exist. So came about the idea of The Lean Start-Up.

The Lean Start-Up is essentially a book on how to do a start-up. It’s based on the method of the same name and was born out of his popular start-up blog. This method advocates starting small. It comes down to designing products and moving them into the marketplace rapidly to test reaction and incorporate feedback into later changes to streamline the products. According to Ries it’s simply “trying to apply the scientific method to the art of entrepreneurship.”

He certainly applied the Lean Start-Up to the book launch. When he had the idea to turn his blog into a book, he decided to use his own method. Ries setup a PayPal pre-order page where people could order the book a full year before it would be published. This way he could see if people were interested in the product. If they weren’t, he would just scrap the whole idea. As it turns out, they were interested and he had sold 10, 000 books before it hit stands.

In a world where more people are turning from the idea of traditional careers to entrepreneurship, Ries believes wholeheartedly in his method and what it can do for people. As Ries says, “I think there’s an incredible hunger in the world for good entrepreneurship.”

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