Chirpify Brings Transactions to Twitter

A recently launched service called Chirpify has brought e-commerce to the Twitter world, allowing users to buy, sell, donate or pay for things with their Twitter accounts.

The real selling point for the service appears to be its ease of use. Anyone wishing to sell something, or even a non-profit looking for donations, simply posts an offer through twitter to which anyone interested can reply with the word “buy”, and that is the entire transaction. Payment is made via PayPal linked to the users account and Chirpify takes a 4% flat fee.

Already the potential of the service is being embraced by users and some big companies such as Hewlett-Packard, PowerBar and VH1.

The start-up managed to raise over $1 million in funding in April before going on to hire former American Express director Rayburn Chan to help develop the social-payment platform. Using his knowledge, they hope to expand their service to allow for the linking of debit and credit accounts.

With Twitter’s ad sales topping $288 million during the 2012 fiscal year, Chirpify has chosen the perfect platform to make the presence known before expanding their services to other platforms.