Chinese Telecoms Firms Cast in Unfavourable Light in U.S. Intelligence Committee Report


After a year of investigation into the activities of Huawei and ZTE, two of China’s biggest telecoms firms, the Intelligence Committee of America’s House of Representatives published their findings in a report this week.

The report states that the two firms pose a threat to American security based on their connections to China’s Communist Party and governance structures and goes on to make some recommendations that many see as far too harsh considering the lack of evidence revealed in the report.

These recommendations include that the government block any attempts by the firms to buy American companies, an exclusion of components manufactured by the companies from government systems and an in-depth investigation into the financial support provided to the companies from the Chinese government.

In response to the report, a spokesman for Huawei said that it was “little more than an exercise in China bashing,” and they further warned that shutting the company out of the American market could create a “monstrous, trade-distorting precedent.”