China’s Increased Investment in Pakistan Leads to Rising Tensions


China has been making their mark around the world, pouring money into investments. One of these countries is Pakistan, however not everyone is thrilled. Activists in southern Pakistan are accusing China of trying to be a new colonial power and after a bomb blast recently hit the Chinese Consulate in Karachi it is clear that tensions are rising.

Pakistan and China have been long-time allies, but with China’s recent pledge to increase its investment into the country to $30 billion a year, the Chinese are being criticised much the same way they were when investing in other developing nations, including various African states, over the labour they would use and who would really benefit.

One Sindhi leader, Abdul Khalique Junejo, is currently at the front of opposing one of China’s biggest projects in Pakistan – a 1 million-acre ‘megacity’ called Zulfiqarabad. He says that while it may bring employment, it certainly won’t be for the Sindhi people.

Since he began his campaign, Junejo has been trying to organise peaceful protests, but with the bomb blast near the consulate in Karachi, he says this may just be the beginning and the violence may spread.

“If they ignore all these things, and go ahead with this project, then the resistance may take many shapes,” he says.

A former Pakistani foreign secretary however says the activists are being unrealistic. Tanvir Ahmid Khan said that it’s ridiculous not to let outsiders do business in Sindh, if this were the case, the province would never develop and its economy would never grow.

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