Can Technology Help the Youth Change the World?

Around the world there is a growing belief that better technology can help the youth change the world for the better. One person involved in helping them achieve this is the U.S. State Department’s Ronan Farrow.

Farrow has served as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s special advisor on global youth issues since 2011 and is one of those who firmly believe in the good technology can do through young people.

“It’s going to be people under 30 that solve this generation’s problems. Our principle at the State Department has been, ‘How can we turn to young people using these new technologies and tap them for their solutions?’” Farrow said. Their answer to that question was to build a group of diplomatic corps that have been trained in social media and digital outreach.

Since this group has been formed, they have been involved in a multitude of digital projects around the world. Farrow said, “We bring groups of young people together, it’s a great thing to do in places where people are sceptical of world powers. We say, ‘You, teenager in Algeria, tell us exactly what you want from us.’ We then support them as they try to make their goals a reality.”

Two examples of projects they’ve been involved in is an e-petition service in Latvia for people frustrated at not having a platform to reach government, and an SMS-based English education platform in Tunisia.

“With our level of connectivity today, everyone can find that mentorship or seed resourcing. Whatever it takes, find a way to get your idea off the ground if you have one. And remember: world powers really are listening to you,” Farrow said.

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