Business Student Gets a Leg Up in Venture Capital World



Alex Banayan is a 19 year old business administration major student at the University of Southern California (USC) who recently became one of the youngest venture capitalists in history after being hired by Alsop Louie Partners to look for promising start-ups being thought up at USC.

Alsop Louie, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm, hired Banayan on a part time basis while he continues his studies. Venture capital firms exist to invest in and financially launch start-up companies in return for a percentage of the business’ income or even stocks. By hiring Banayan, Alsop Louie now has the perfect opportunity to find young talent and the students benefit from having an opportunity that many would not have otherwise.

“It’s huge to have a venture capitalist on campus who will be so accessible so now students with ideas for start-ups can just shoot me an email and don’t have to try to pitch their ideas independently to venture capitalists in Silicon Valley,” Banayan said.

The decision by Alsop Louie has been praised by many as it’s seen as nurturing America’s future entrepreneurs, something that needs to be done in these difficult times. Students are also excited about the idea as one stated that because Banayan is a student, it makes the thought of pitching an idea to a venture capitalist much less intimidating.

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