Bring Out The Inner Philanthropist With Social Gaming

The next time you play a game on Facebook, you could end up finding a cause you’re passionate about thanks to startup Social Reality.

Social Reality is an app network and developer which merges philanthropy and gaming together with a brand’s social media strategy. So far the startup has teamed up with game developers like Zynga, OMGPOP and 6waves; and is currently reaching over 300 million users each month.

The company was founded by Chris Miglino and Erin DeRuggiero in April 2010 when they first delved into the idea of social philanthropy through Facebook Causes, a social fundraising tool which allows people to like and pledge support to causes directly through the Facebook platform. Social Reality started out as an advertising network within the Causes application, placing brand adverts alongside campaigns.

While Causes saw massive amounts of traffic at one time, the user statistics have since declined and Miglino and DeRuggiero decided to take Social Reality in a different direction and turn it into the company it is today. Social Reality has since worked various big name brands including Toyota, Coca Cola, Ford, Kellogg’s, Nestle and Purina.

With all areas of business moving online in one way or another, it’s no surprise that humanitarianism is too, but how effective will it be? Can social gaming really lead to more social good? Social Reality certainly seems to think so and only time will tell if they’re right.

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