Bombela’s Gautrain Claim Unlikely to Be a Quick Fix


The Bombela consortium has filed a delay and disruption claim against the Gauteng government over the Gautrain project and it’s not going to go away with a quick fix.

Murray & Roberts CEO Henry Laas said that it’s certainly unlikely that it would be “settled in the short term”. Murray & Roberts is a member of the Bombela consortium, which built and operates the Gautrain system on behalf of the government.

Bombela submitted its case in July 2011, mostly over delays and disruptions experienced during construction of the project. Since then Bombela and the government have been gathering expert witnesses from around the world for the case.

Laas said that this is a case that would have billions of rands hanging in the balance and it would be a complex process, but they are hoping to have it resolved by December 2014.

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