Basic Education Minister Defends Department Against Negative Media Coverage

South African Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga came out last week to defend the priorities of her department against the extensive negative media attention they have recently received.

In the past year alone the basic education department has faced a series of challenges: it’s been taken to court over conditions in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo; and has faced increasing public scorn on the quality of infrastructure.

In spite of all this Motshekga said she had full confidence in the provincial education departments and the provincial structure had made the complexity of the system workable. As for the situation in Limpopo over a perceived lack of textbooks, Motshekga responded by saying that the delay in textbook delivery showed her department’s commitment to ensure due process was followed. She went on to add that the public perception that this delay had resulted in was not true – these textbooks covered new parts of the curriculum and had not left schools with no resources and an inability to teach students.

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