All the Men’s 100-Meter Sprint Medallists


At the London 2012 100m final, Usain Bolt cemented his place as the fastest man alive and became the second man in the history of the modern Olympics to win two consecutive 100m finals. How does he compare to the many athletes that have come before him though?

The New York Times have released an interactive video chronicling the history of the 100m sprint medallists since the first modern games were held in 1896. Some notable winners included are Jim Hines, the first person to break 10 seconds in the Olympics, and Carl Lewis, the first man to earn two consecutive gold medals in the 100m sprint.

Included with the video is a graph which shows where every medallist would be when Bolt finishes his race. Considering that he would still come second only to himself, many are now asking if his world record, and now his Olympic record, could ever be beaten.

To view the video and graph visit the New York Times All the Medallists: Men’s 100-Meter Sprint Page.

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