A Look Into The World of Street Artist, Neonita


While many will traditionally think of street art as graffiti, this view is slowly shifting as more talented street artists emerge to brighten the everyday world with their stirring artwork. One such street artist is Neonita.

Neonita is based in London, England and is a fully trained fine artist, but she is probably best known for her bizarre and colourful characters which adorn walls around the city and her various commissioned projects.

This talented artist grew up as an “army brat”, the child of a parent in the army, and spent much of her childhood moving from place to place. It was in Bristol at the age of 15 that she first discovered graffiti. Neonita loved the idea of having artwork outside and started doing graffiti herself when she was 18; however, she stopped again at age 20: “I was nervous about being out late at night alone plus wasn’t getting the results I wanted.”

It was only at age 25 that Neonita really began the journey to the artist she is today. During this time she began to develop her trademark style and characters which came from her childhood love of cartoons. While she certainly has a certain style though, she doesn’t let it inhibit her and she has worked with a wide variety of materials and is always willing to try something new.

Art in the Community

Neonita has an avid interest in working in the community. She has gotten involved in many community projects to help people develop their potential and to help local children.

One such project was the XLP Project in 2010. Here she taught and helped children design and paint a mural for a community flat in Catford, bringing some joy to a place that previously may have been seen as depressing.

 Women in Street Art

A recent addition to Neonita’s life has been the Girls on Top (GOT) crew. The group was formed in 2001 by artists Chock and Ned to unite the women of street art in a male dominated world.

While the scene is still largely male, there are more women emerging, bringing new and exciting ideas with them. Women like Neonita and the rest of the GOT crew hope to show that it’s style that matters and not the gender of the person who made it.

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